One of the highlights in the Albense offer are its parties that are distributed throughout the annual calendar.

Of all these, highlight the festivities dedicated to the patron, Santa Teresa de Jesus.

From 25 to 27 August, the Festivities of the Transverberation take place and from 14 to 22 October the Patron Saint’s Festivities are celebrated which, every year, honor Santa Teresa de Jesus and which, for their importance, are declared Festivals of Tourist Interest of CyL.


All you need to know


Alba de Tormes celebrates the carnival festival with great enthusiasm. Both children and adults walk in disguise through the streets of the town and participate in the parade organized by the town council, this being one of the most fun moments of the afternoon.

Domingo de las tortillas

That day it is customary the pilgrimage of the inhabitants of the town to a traditional area of the town itself or close to it to spend the day, usually in the countryside outside the urban nucleus, in the area of the Hermitage of the Otero or El Bucarón, or on the banks of the river Tormes to share the exquisite potato omelette with family and friends.

Transverberación de Santa Teresa de Jesús

It celebrates the spiritual grace through which the Saint, full of divine love, pierced her heart by an arrow. 

The 27th of August is celebrated in Alba de Tormes the feast of the Cross of Santa Teresa de Jesús. 

Fiestas Patronales

They close the festive calendar the Patron Saint Festivities, which begin on October 14, the eve of the feast of Santa Teresa de Jesus, patron saint of the town and end on October 22, the day of the Octave. During those days, Albenses and outsiders vibrate with a tradition that goes back to the year 1614, date of the Beatification of Santa Teresa de Jesus.

Romería de la virgen de otero
(Fiesta de la Sandía)

For the inhabitants of Alba de Tormes is of great importance the hermitage of Otero, belonging to the town of Palomares de Alba, hamlet of La Villa and located about 2 kilometers from it.

La Semana Santa

It is a purely Castilian style Holy Week for its sobriety and high religious sense in each of the processions. Highlight those of Good Friday in the afternoon of the Holy Burial and that of Palm Sunday, the meeting between Jesus and his mother Mary.

Lunes de Aguas

The Monday of Waters is an exclusive festival of the province of Salamanca that is celebrated among friends and/ or relatives who gather to go to eat in the countryside.

In Alba de Tormes, it is a day that is celebrated with great enthusiasm. That Monday afternoon, the Albenses enjoy afternoon tea in the countryside, and it is the traditional day on which the HORNAZO is eaten.

San Cristóbal

San Cristobal is the popular giganton that once could be seen at the entrance of the cities. It was believed that simply looking at his image would free the traveler from any danger during the trip. Later the road professionals began to carry their image with the same purpose, and gradually it was extended to all types of road users.

Santa Águeda

The varied calendar of festivals and pilgrimages begins with Santa Águeda on February 5, the day on which married women take to the streets to celebrate their rebellion against the symbolic power of men.


On July 16, the historic importance of fishing in the village is remembered on the day of its patron saint, the Virgen del Carmen.

Under the watchful eye of Albenses and neighbors, the Virgen del Carmen sails through the waters of the Tormes accompanied by the fishermen of the ducal village in a unique tradition in the province of Salamanca that has become an attraction for the region.

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