In Alba de Tormes there is an excellent offer of bars, inns and restaurants where to taste the typical Albense cuisine, based on the products of the region with which tasty, popular and natural dishes are prepared.

The typical dish of Albense cuisine is the popular «chanfaina», this dish is typical of the fair of Alba (13 June) made with rice and lamb menuts.

Also, other typical dishes can be noted such as garlic soups with roasts and ham tacos or white beans with chorizo and ear.

Also popular and rich are peces fritos or the peces escabechados of Alba. Stewed or pickled partridges compete with fish.

As for meats, the roasts of lamb, tostón or suckling pig stand out, as well as the veal of the land that is prepared roasted.

Another typical product is the traditional hornazo, made with wheat flour, loin and sausages from the area.

Desserts include custard, flans and rice pudding, made in a traditional way.

Finally, the Albense confectionery has the typical almendras garrapiñadas, yemas de Santa Teresameringues and at Christmas the rich nougat.

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