When touring the regions of Alba and Peñaranda, beautiful churches of Mudejar style are discovered. Here it was developed between the twelfth and thirteenth centuries, adapting Mudejar techniques to Romanesque, with brick as an identifier. Then, in the 16th century, it had a second era of splendour with incredible carpentry.

This route includes 16 temples, representative of the fusion of Christian art and Muslim aesthetics. 

San Juan and Santiago are preserved in the town of Alba de Tormes. The first of them stands out for its triple apse and its magnificent Apostolate. Santiago, which preserves the medieval tower, stands out for its Romanesque-Mudejar apse with beautiful trilobed farmhouses of Islamic inspiration on its north side.

These churches were the inspiration to the Romanesque-Mudejar focus of the region, highlighting Coca, Galleguillos, Peñarandilla and Turra. The route is completed with a visit to the Romanesque-Mudejar apses of Aldeaseca de la Frontera, Gajates, Nava de Sotrobal, Paradinas de San Juan, Rágama and Villar de Gallimazo.

One of the hidden treasures of this proposal are the splendid coffered ceilings that we can enjoy in some interiors, such as Macotera, Cantaracillo, Rágama or Villoria, authentic "Mudejar skies».