Walk with Teresa de Jesús


Alba de Tormes

Alba de Tormes, former medieval village, head of the ducal states of the powerful family of the Álvarez de Toledo (Dukes of Alba).

Santa Teresa de Jesús was linked to the Villa through her sister, Juana de Ahumada and her husband, Juan de Ovalle, treasurer of the Duke of Alba with whose wife she was writing and was a friend.

She founded in Alba de Tormes the Convent of the Annunciation in 1571, which would be the place of her death so transformed into a privileged Teresian place because, in addition to the tomb, you can venerate the major relics (heart and left arm of Santa Teresa).

Alba de Tormes boasts a unique panoramic view of the Villa along the banks of the Tormes river that invites visitors to stroll along the Las Aceñas route or the Isla de Garcilaso or take a walk through its waters enjoying the landscape.

Taste the traditional Albense cuisine, discover the clay crafts or share the festivities of Santa Teresa, are some of the identity signs that Alba de Tormes invites to share.