Silver greenway


Silver greenway

The Silver greenway is the first section of the old railway line from the Ruta de la Plata converted to the Natural Way in order to encourage pedestrian use, cycling and the interpretation of the natural, ethnographic and cultural heritage.

The route has a route of just over 20 kilometers and crosses the municipalities of Carbajosa de la Sagrada (very close to the city of Salamanca), Arapiles, Calvarrasa de Arriba, Terradillos and Alba de Tormes. 

The road does not present difficulties for the users, since the orography is soft and the road has a special charm that allows to contemplate the typical plains of the fields of Castile, its contrasts of colors, from green pastures to fallow land and cereal crops, as well as the pasture, populated with holm oaks and wild cattle.

This is the first section of the Natural Way of the Via de la Plata put into service for pedestrian and cycling use, which aims to bring the user closer to a natural and cultural environment of great interest. It is worth noting the great historical value that runs the route, the real scene of the Battle of the Arapiles and the Battle of Alba de Tormes.