Statue Juan Pablo II


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Statue Juan Pablo II

A statue of Pope John Paul II commemorates the Pope’s visit to the Teresian village on 1 November 1982 on the occasion of the celebration of the fourth centenary of the death of Saint Teresa.

It was a very special visit because it was the first time that a Pope visited Alba de Tormes, attracting thousands of faithful and pilgrims from all corners of the country. John XXIII and Benedict XV visited the town, but they had not yet assumed the pontifical tiara.

John Paul II was very attracted to the figures of Saint Teresa and Saint John of the Cross due to his close relationship with the Carmelite family, besides having dedicated his doctoral thesis to the saint.

The day of November 1 began on the esplanade by the River Tormes and then moved to the church of the Annunciation, where he visited the Carmelite Mothers who showed him the Convent and the holy Relics of the Heart and Arm. The Holy Father had the opportunity to pray in the cell where the saint died.

The bronze sculpture on a stone pedestal-rock was made by the sculptor Nieves Charques Medina in 1985 and is located next to the door of the Teresian basilica.


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